payment options

It's very important to Dr. Glynn that services be accessible and affordable whenever possible. In order to continue to provide excellent and personal care to all her patients, Dr. Glynn accepts some insurance and has cash-pay options.

If you'd like to confirm that your insurance will cover Dr. Glynn's services or clarify benefits so you can choose the best payment option for you, please use her insurance worksheet while contacting your insurance provider. 


billing insurance

Dr. Glynn is contracted with the following insurance companies: 

  • Regence 
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • Premera
  • Lifewise
  • Group Health

Her office can bill the above insurance companies on your behalf. Insurance patients can also add-on the direct primary care option for services not covered by insurance. 


direct primary care

The following services are not covered by insurance:

  • blood draws performed by Dr. Glynn
  • visits with a parent regarding a child who is not present 
  • email correspondence
  • phone consults and phone discussions of lab results
  • telemedicine/video visits 
  • ear cleaning

Rather than paying for each of the above services separately, some patients choose to pay a monthly fee that covers all of the above services and any scheduled visits. This model encourages health care rather than simply care of the sick by allowing patients to schedule simply to check in more often and to make sure they are taking the right steps on the path to optimal health. 

Insurance and cash patients can take advantage of this option. Patients who have Regence, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Lifewise, Group Health and Premera must have visits billed through insurance, but the above services would be covered by the monthly direct primary care fee. 

NOTE: The Direct Primary Care option is only available at the Edmonds location at this time. Dr. Glynn is an employee of Naturopathic Clinic of Issaquah and therefore does not have the ability to change billing policies at this clinic. 



Patients who would like to pay cash at the time of the visit or service can do so at either of Dr. Glynn's practices. 

Prices for services: 

  • first office visit $285
  • return office visit $125
  • telemedicine/video visit $125
  • phone consult $65
  • blood draws $25